How to Use the Sleep System

The Sleep System’s comforters are constructed with 100% non-allergenic polyester insulation. The summer comforter features half ounce insulation and the winter comforter features one ounce insulation. So if you find yourself in a cold climate you don’t need to pull out any winter blankets. Simply flip your Sleep System over so the winter side is on top. The winter side of the Sleep System will be a solid color fabric that coordinates with the designer fabric on the summer side. Those living in a tropical climate may also wish to add a Tropical comforter. The Tropical comforter has no insulation and is used by simply unzipping and removing the summer comforter and zipping in the tropical comforter in its place. Dual nylon zippers on three sides allow it to be completely unzipped into two separate halves.

Tropical Half

Sheets for the Sleep System

The sleep system also includes a set of 60/40 cotton/polyester percale 200 thread count ivory sheets which attach and detach with hook and loop fasteners. For the ultimate in comfort try the optional 100% Cotton 200 thread count white sheets which we highly recommend. The sheets come with standard size pillow cases and are extra long, so you'll never feel short-sheeted.

300+ Sheets

Each Sleep System comes in a plastic comforter storage bag or you may decide to opt for a stuff sack to store your Sleep System. Your stuff sack will be made from the solid color coordinating fabric of your Sleep System and features a drawstring closure.

Stuff Sack

Easy Care, Machine Washable

Comforters and sheets are very easy care, completely machine washable. Unzipped, the system will fit easily into a front loading washing machine. Available for immediate delivery from stock, non stock orders allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

New Decorator Colors

*Our new decorator colors provide a subtle way to coordinate with almost any interior decor. This material is thicker and costs more, but we can apply it to the Summer side and the Suede Tan fabric on the Winter side for only $29.95 more. The drop down menu reflects this price.

For an additional $29.95 we can use the new decorator colors on both sides. If you prefer the winter side to stay on top, let us know and we can make your bag the way you want it!

Bedspread Bag

A Frequent Concern About Our Standard Sleep System:

My bed is smaller than the sizes you list. What do I do?

Frequently boats are designed hull first then all accommodations are fitted into the space contained therein. This process usually results in odd size berths, not quite queens, sharp v-berths, super slim doubles etc. Our sleep systems are designed to fit 2 adults comfortably!! You'll be comfortable with the sleep system designed to fit you even though your mattress is smaller. You can order extra sheets with no problems and you'll relieve yourself from the drudgery of making odd size berths.